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Interventional cardiology

With advancements in medical technology, the board-certified cardiologists specializing in interventional cardiology at Astria Health are able to treat patients using minimally invasive procedures.  Through a small incision, a catheter (thin, flexible tube) inserted into the coronary artery delivers therapies that open blocked arteries and improves blood flow. These advanced techniques are a non-surgical alternative to treat certain heart conditions that may shorten the length of recovery.

Interventional Cardiology experts at the Astria Heart Institute often perform the following surgeries:

  • Angioplasty: A tiny balloon at the end of a catheter is inflated to push plaque against the wall of the artery to improve blood flow.
  • Stent placement: A small metallic mesh tube inserted in an artery to hold it open, delivery medicatio and improve blood flow.
  • Coronary atherectomy: A catheter fitted with a tiny rotating shaver removes hardened plaque to open a blocked artery.

Valvuloplasty: A large balloon catheter used to open a narrowed heart valve.

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