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Family Birth Center

Welcome to our Family Birth Center. As you approach our department, you will see our beautiful waiting room equipped with a fireplace and large windows facing the east. This lovely waiting area is dedicated to Lorene Petrie. Her generous gift to our hospital made the waiting room possible and is a beautiful area for visitors and family.

We have five spacious delivery suites, each containing a Jacuzzi tub and everything needed for labor and postpartum care for you and your new baby. We will give you only the best care as well as the information you need to make informed decisions about your and your baby's care and support the decisions you make.

Individualized, quality care

As an expectant mother, your care will be individualized to meet your needs and desires if possible. The Family Birth Center staff's goal is to provide you with the birth experience that you are hoping for. Your physician and nurse will keep you informed as to the options we offer during your labor, delivery and postpartum time. Anesthesia staff is available to help with pain management if the need arises.  

Our staff

Our nurses are specially trained in labor and delivery, postpartum, and newborn care. The majority of our labor and delivery nurses have obtained their specialty certification in obstetrical nursing. Our staff consists of pediatricians and several RNs, with LPNs and CNAs also providing you with quality care. All of the current full-time staff are certified breastfeeding educators.

Sunnyside Community Hospital has attained a Gold Safe Sleep Champion designation by the National Safe Sleep Hospital Certification Program. As a part of that certification, all of our nurses have been trained on infant safe sleep practices and are here to help you make sure your baby is sleeping safely. 

Five family practice physicians and one OB-GYN are on staff to deliver at Sunnyside Community Hospital. We also have a pediatrician available to care for your new baby if you so desire.

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