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The mission of the Department of Pharmacy Services parallels the mission of the hospital to provide quality healthcare services in the Lower Yakima Valley. As a support service of the hospital that interacts with most of the patients, our primary existence and function is based on our dedication and concern for patient care. The pharmacy staff strive to provide the most effective and safest drug therapy possible.

The department has a commitment to provide our services in a manner that will reflect the confidence placed in us by those we serve. Our patients receive pharmacy services provided by two full-time registered pharmacists, complemented by dedicated, licensed pharmacy technicians, during the daytime and telepharmacy services at night.

With advances in technology and breakthroughs in development of drugs, medication therapies have become increasingly more complex in their application, delivery and monitoring. The range of responsibility of the Department of Pharmacy Services begins with the purchase of the drug and continues through the pharmacological effect on the patient. These services include the procurement, storage, distribution, preparation, administration and monitoring of drug products, IV fluids and nutritionals and their effects.

The hospital pharmacy is not a commercial pharmacy where consumers can have routine prescriptions filled. However, we provide medication for the needs of all the patients who visit the various departments of the hospital, whether inpatient or outpatient services.

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